Professional Spotlight: Meghan Hermann

Posted: 11.14.2015

Professional Spotlight: Barbara Kosloski

Posted: 10.14.2015

Professional Spotlight: Lisa Helminiak

Posted: 09.14.2015

This month on Professional Spotlight Pallavi Sharma interviews the owner and CEO of Azul 7, and a woman of many talents, Lisa Helminiak. Visit the Azul 7 website

Professional Spotlight: Diane Rucker

Posted: 07.13.2015

In this month's Professional Spotlight, GiTMSP's Pallavi Sharma interviews Diane Rucker, a project management consultant at the MIT Trust Center for Entrepreneurship about how her interest in technology started and how her career has developed since. Special thanks this month goes out to our videographer Conner Nelson. You can find...

Professional Spotlight: Shivani Khanna

Posted: 01.20.2015

GiTMSP's Pallavi Sharma interviews Shivani Khanna, Director of Product Management Transaction Services at SPS Commerce. Learn more about Shivani, her career and how she got where she is today, and the inspiring advice she has for the future leaders of women in tech! Do you know a Twin Cities "Girl...

Professional Spotlight: Special Edition

Posted: 09.17.2014

In this month's special edition of Spotlight, our very own Shuvi Powers interviews a panel of women at the Minnesota Aspirations for Women in Computing Awards Ceremony. Learn more about the 2014 ceremony here: Do you know a Twin Cities "Girl in Tech" who would be a great Spotlight candidate? Tell...

Professional Spotlight: Meghan Wilker

Posted: 06.17.2014

In this month's Spotlight, our very own Shuvi Powers talks to Meghan Wilker, COO of Clockwork and Co-Founder of Shout out to Olson for hosting us! Special thanks to Michael Lavine our videographer! Watch as Shuvi & Meghan wax technologic on careers, education, inspiration and some advice I'm sure we can...

Professional Spotlight: Kate Agnew

Posted: 05.07.2014

In this month's Spotlight, our very own Shuvi Powers talks to Kate Agnew, former Managing Director of Girls in Tech Minneapolis. She worked at Target as a Business Analyst and left to go pursue her MBA in Boston. Kate also has a kick-starter campaign for a donut book. Go to...

Professional Spotlight: Yvonne Ng

Posted: 04.01.2014

In this month's Spotlight, our very own Shuvi Powers talks to Yvonne Ng from Engineers Playground. She has also written a book called Engineering for the Uninitiated: Discover If Engineering Is Right for Your Child. Go to to get your own copy now. It's a great resource for anyone...

Professional Spotlight: Pallavi Sharma

Posted: 03.06.2014

In this month's Spotlight, our very own Shuvi Powers talks to Pallavi Sharma, Systems Analyst and Project Manager. She is currently pursuing her MBA and consulting at Wells Fargo. Parting comments from Pallavi Sharma: Do one thing each day that pushes you out of your comfort zone. That's when you'll...